John & Mary Young (Marrie's parents)

Marrie Lee was born Doris Siew Keen Young on November 25, 1959 to a Chinese couple named John and Mary Young in Singapore.

Marrie has an older brother named Jimmy and an older sister named Betty. Her father died when she was six and her mother passed away when she was sixteen.

The Audition for Cleopatra Wong


The re-enactment of Marrie Lee at her first meeting with Bobby Suarez and Sonny Lim. Marrie almost did not go for the audition. She had to disobey her sister, Betty who was highly protective of her younger sister and sneaked out to call Sonny Lim. This was the best decision she had ever made in her life.

Marrie was working as a receptionist in a Shenton Way nightclub when she was first discovered by a scouting team from Hong Kong. She played a bit role as a female detective in the film "Showdown at the Equator"

After having a taste of acting, Marrie responded to a newspaper ad for a lead role in a film that read "Are you smart, sexy, and seductive?". Marrie went to the audition wearing a mini-skirt and go-go boots and won the titular starring part of a sassy'n'sultry ace martial artist and top Interpol agent in the delightfully campy Filipino action exploitation outing "Cleopatra Wong." She reprized the role of Cleopatra Wong in the movies "Dynamite Johnson" and "The Devil's Three." Lee performed her own often dangerous stunts in these pictures that included jumping through a real glass window and dangling on a rope from a helicopter without a harness or a safety net. Not surprisingly, as a direct result of doing said stunts Marrie sustained such injuries as a torn pinkie finger and a fractured left wrist. After acting in a couple more films, Lee decided to call it quits as an actress in the early 80s.


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Marrie appeared as herself in the documentaries "The Search for Weng Weng" and "Machete Maidens Unleashed!". In 2006, she was reunited with Bobby Suarez, producer and director of the Cleopatra Wong movies during the Screen Singapore Festival in August 2005. Bobby spoke of his desire to do a reboot of Cleopatra Wong.

He worked at his dream till Feb 2010, Bobby died of a heart attack. Wanting to fulfill Bobby's dying wish, Marrie acquired the IP and franchise rights of Cleopatra Wong from his family. Next came the difficult part. How is she going to do it, having no experience except her acting ones back in the seventies.


Marrie started a hobbyists group, Reel Frenz in Nov 2012. It is a platform where people with a passion for film making, can meet, discuss ideas and make films of their own. As at May 2016, Reel Frenz has more than 500 members and is made up of people of different disciplines and nationalities.

To date, Reel Frenz has made 12 shorts of different genres, nine of which Marrie wrote and directed. Their first feature length, Certified Dead, also written and directed by her is now ready for distribution

 Marrie is now in the planning stages of her thirteenth and fourteenth short films. She is also writing her next feature film script, entitled "7 Bullets" an action drama. "Kill Cleo" a sequel of Cleopatra Wong is slated for 2017, the 40th anniversary of Cleopatra Wong. Three other projects in the pipeline are Rene, the feature film (a thriller), Shihan, a true adaptation of a martial arts legend) and the reboot of Cleopatra Wong.

Reel Frenz website


Tisco website

Marrie started her own health-care products company, Tisco SG, with her sister Betty in Singapore in 1989 until present day.

Tisco HK was formed with her HK partner, Jacqueline, in 2014.

Tisco is the exclusive agent for the globally distributed Sun Chlorella range in Singapore and Hong Kong.


Cleopatra Wong International was initially set up in 2000 with Raphael Millet, author of the book "Singapore Cinema" to manage the IP and the reboot of Cleopatra Wong. CWIPL also owns the Singapore rights to the 3 Cleopatra Wong films, "They call her Cleopatra Wong", "Dynamite Johnson" and "Devils Angels" aka Pay or Die. Marrie now owns 100 % of the company.


Singapore Cinema website

Singapore Cinema PL is set up in Feb 2015 to oversee the Reel Frenz's first feature film project "Certified Dead" It is also the marketing arm for Reel Frenz and CD Movie PL's film projects. It is now at different stages of the development stage for 3 features, "7 Bullets", "Kill Cleo" and "Shihan"



"Certified Dead" website

CD Movie PL is set up in March 2016 with some key team members of "Certified Dead". (Michael Chua, Phang Kien Yip, Wong Mun Ping, Aileen Chan and Betty Young) CD Movie PL owns the worldwide all media rights of "Certified Dead"


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